Plot Owners Meeting

Thanks to everyone for coming by the meeting last night…even in the rain!

Quick recap:

1. The HCCG 2009 lease agreement will be posted here….if you have not     done so…..please print, sign and return.

2. We will schedule another saturday morning work day soon to finish fence and shed… to follow

3. Let’s start gathering old bricks to build our community gathering space

4. The garden needs list will be posted….if you are able to donate any needed items or materials, we’d greatly appreciate it!

5. Ellwood Thompson’s 5% day Fundraiser for the garden….volunteers will be needed for 2-4 hour shifts….date to follow….sometime in June….tell your friends to come shop! This is a great opportunity to raise money for the garden effort!

6. Laura is hard at work preparing our Gardenburger grant application….cross your fingers!

The plot owners at the Humphrey Calder  Community Garden would like to thank The City of Richmond’s Dept. Of Parks and Recreation, Ellwood Thompson’s, City and Guilds, Wellpoint and especially Tricycle Gardens for everyone’s hard work and support in creating our amazing community garden! Looking forward to enjoying it together!



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