garden schedule

Here is an updated garden schedule from now until the big work day!For any more information regarding getting involved please contact garden managers, Laura at or Melanie at We currently have the plots all reserved but are taking names for the waiting list!

APRIL 2nd, Thursday
Next general meeting at HCCC, 7:30pm, led by Lisa T
APRIL 4th, Saturday
Trench digging day. Coordinated by Tricycle Gardens
Make sure to bring a shovel, gloves, and water!!
10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
APRIL 9th, Thursday
Fundraiser at ET’s coffee shop. Coordinated by HCCG/Ellwood Thompson’s
more information to follow…..
The fence post will go in. Tricycle Gardens will coordinate with the Parks & Rec
Lisa and Melanie are working on the fence design and we will need people to help pour the footings and set the fence posts! So spread the word to people with construction skills!
APRIL 25th, Saturday 10am-7pm
Big workday and celebration!
Coordinated by:
TG will continue to work with WellPoint
TG will work on volunteer team leaders for the various tasks that need to get done.
HCCG/TG will work on getting the word out to all garden plot members and the greater community.
Parks & Rec will provide tools for the day.
City & Guilds will be constructing our garden shed!
Caravatti’s will be donating doors, a stained glass window, and roofing materials. This is awesome! It will be beautiful, and functional!
1. Get part of the volunteers to set up the party, so we need someone to be the party leader! Any volunteers?
2. Planting of fruit trees and berries takes some horticulture skill.

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