Last Thursday’s Meeting


  • A new rule was announced. You’ll be notified twice about bad upkeep before your plot gets taken away and you get put at the bottom of the waiting list.
  • A new garden plan was shown (PDF).
      Latest Plan
  • Lasagna Gardening was recommended as a great book.
  • Tricycle Gardens has some great class coming up.



Spring fundraiser – party planning


We will need  about $3-5000 for maintenance for different parts of the garden. A party planning committee has begun to form for this.

Next Meeting – Thursday, March 5, 7:30 p.m.

Survey and mark the site – Mid March

Fence posts go in – March 23 – 31

Water installation workday – April 4, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Bring your shovels and friends! We’ll be digging 50 ft of trench 24 inches deep! Richmond Police Athletic League will also be helping with the digging.

Big Work Day – April 25

This is the day we build the garden, sponsored by WellPoint.

Elwood Thompson’s %5 day – June 27

Elwood Thompson’s will be donating %5 towards the garden. They estimate that will raise about $2-3000.

Things to do

Bring your grocery bags

One suggestion was that we bring extra bags to keep in the shed for when we need to bring produce home and forget to bring a bag!

Soil test

We have a volunteer working on getting a soil sample for us. We also learned that Synder laboratories will for test for metals for 15 bucks a pop.

Prepare Soil? Possible Work Day Soon

A proposal was made for an alternative to ripping up the grass and sod for the plots. But to do it we’ll need a work day very soon in order to do this.

Here’s the handout on the alternatives (RTF).

The gist of the argument was that the grass has to be killed but the sod is great. Soil health is dependent on soil life and removing the sod is removing organic matter that we could use.

Instead we could use Remay Row covers which would help heat up the soil and the mulch. We’d cut it the covers to size, staple them down and put rocks on top. It was estimated we’d need a couple of hundred of dollars for all the beds.


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